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Yoga is not just one, there are many styles and many traditional yoga schools. In our studio we are offering you different yoga styles from easy classes suitable for beginers to more powerful vinyasa style classes. You can also unwind your mind during gentle or yin yoga class and if you are pregnant, we also have solution for you.

Iyengar Yoga

Ashtanga for beginners

In ashtanga the order of asanas is given and repeated class after class, where one asana prepares the body for the next one. The movement is connected to the breath and with time, the physical practice becomes a meditation in movement...

Lotus Pose


Physioyoga combines nicely yoga with rehabilitation practices and our instructor Niky is a professional masseur and physiotherapist. Physioyoga is designed to heal the body and soul so that optimal health can be...


Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a complete opposite of dynamic classes. Here you get your body in balance with long holds is each pose, usually you stay 3 to 5 minutes and only then you move to another asana. This slow pace allows you to open the body gently and...

Practicing Yoga

Power flow yoga

This is dynamic class and it´s all about strength of all body and movement with your breath, you will work hard and get some sweat. Basically a strong, juicy vinyasa class with creative transitions, be sure it will be fun...

Iyengar Yoga

Vinyasa yoga

Movement and breath together, that is vinyasa yoga. You will move gracefully from pose to pose guided by your own breath to warm up your body and calm your mind. Class inspired by traditional ashtanga school connects different variations...

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga

The name of this yoga was formed by combining the syllables ha, which represents solar energy, and tha, which is lunar energy. The name thus defines the basic idea of hatha yoga - the balancing of two basic energies.

Yoga at Home

Gentle yoga

In gentle yoga you will stretch and gently strengthen all body parts and the whole class will make you feel great in your own body afterwards. Class coming from hatha yoga is slow paced, you stay more on your mat than in the standing...

yoga pose

Yoga for sports

This class is ideal for all active sportsmen, releasing tension in muscles and stretching them after vigorous workout, because usually stretching is the most neglected part in our sports habits. Shortly speaking, yoga for sports evens muscle...

Sunset Yoga

Summerbody vinyasa

Dynamická lekce pro jogíny, kteří mají rádi silovější jógu a nebojí se propotit tričko. Jestli s jógou teprve začínáš a troufáš si, přijď mezi nás - lekce bude vždy náročná právě tak, jak si ji náročnou uděláš.

Meditation by the Sea

Candle Vinyasa Flow

(On schedule again from autumn)

Vinyasa Flow is actually a classic vinyasa yoga lesson, but more subtle, lazy. This evening hour will take you to the rhythm of your breath, which makes it a candle holiday so that it can feel like it will hold a candlestick, stretch and warm up...

Head Stand Pose

Core yoga

Core yoga is strong, dynamic class focusing on core conditioning and deep stabilizing muscles. Connected with deep breath, the focus of the class is to warm up and purify the body. The class is always different, working all parts of your core...

Pilates Stretches

Yin Yang yoga

In Tao concept, yin represents female element - passive and cooling, while yang represents male element - dynamic and warm. These two cannot exist without each other and only together can create ideal balance of elements...

Stretch with Block

Yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners class focuses on basic yoga asanas, postures and basis breathing techniques. You will learn Sun salutations, standing, seated, balancing posture as well as safe backbending and transitions between asanas....

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga helps pregnant woman release tension, stretch and gently strengthen all body. Usually the class focuses on opening the hips, strong arms and back and breathing into the belly, which reduces stress and helps clients mentally prepare for the arrival...

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