All our teachers in Yoga Mija are certified professionals who can help you on your yoga journey.

We know too well we are no gurus and the longer we practice, to more we are aware the journey has only begun. We deepen our knowledge during workshops further teacher trainings in both Czech Republic and abroad and are more than happy to share our experiences with our clients. Yoga as we understand is not just a spiritual ritual nor just physical practice – it is both and much more as it is also a very effective system of care of our own body, deepening sense of self-awareness and selflove.


All of us are not only yoga teachers, but also strong individuals. Yoga for all of our teachers is a hobby, passion and love  - it so much more then a job. Therefore we are happy to talk with our clients about yoga, explain and discuss and learn mutually from the shared practice.

Just as our characters are different and unique, our yoga classes are the same.

We hope you will find the right one for you and stick to it.



Yoga is a lifestyle for me. It's not just a sore back, fitness, or because my therapist recommended it to me. Yoga is much more for me...

yoga mija praha 10 vinohrdy vrsovice joga jana


Why yoga for me? Because in yoga there are no “musts”. In yoga you can do everything, its your free space to explore. Its a way to get out...



Na cestu jógy jsem nastoupila asi před 15 lety, kdy mě doslova vyléčila a uzdravila od chronických zdravotních problémů. Od té doby doby vnímám jógu...

kristyna s.jpg

Kristyna S.

After practicing for a few years now, I am extremely happy and grateful that I can now share my knowledge and explain the joy that yoga brings to my clients...



During my studies of physiotherapy and later working with my clients I understood that most of the pain of our bodies originate in our mind. Nowadays...

yoga mija praha 10 vinohrdy vrsovice joga tereza


I first tried yoga during my university studies and it took me long 8 years to understand and accept it as my life journey and a way to understand myself...

Anna yoga mija.jpeg


I started yoga at age 13 or 14 and it´s been part of my life since then. First, I sought answers to my big questions in Buddhism, Zen...

linda s.JPG

Linda S.

Jógu jsem objevila před několika lety díky bolestem zad. Hledala jsem pohyb, který by mě bavil a kamarád mi doporučil právě jógu...

yoga mija praha 10 vinohrdy vrsovice joga zuzka


Sportu se věnuji již přes 30 let. Své tělo jsem začala pokoušet nejdříve gymnastikou, tancem, pilatesem až jsem dospěla k józe, která...

yoga mija praha 10 vinohrdy vrsovice joga berenika


My yoga journey started when I was a kid with back pain and honestly, at the time, I did not enjoy “the breathing“ at all. Some years later, I rediscovered...



Some 15 years ago yoga literally cured me and relieved my chronic pains and health issues. Then my yoga journey began, and I consider it a gift. In this...



At the beginning yoga was just compensation to my everyday active but also sedentary lifestyle. Soon did I understand that it offers much more...

lenka 1.jpg


At first, I used yoga as a compensation to other sports such as running, spinning, gym but as usual, it gradually took over and now, yoga is the way I move in my...



Movement, dance, self awareness, moving with the rhythm of your own heart, that has been my passions since childhood. As years passed...

lektorky EN.JPG
Moje lekce


Following teachers currently do not have any regular lessons. 



I started to be deeply involved in yoga since 2013 and now falling in love with this way of life every day even more. My teaching experience is 5 years, I work...



Jóga je jednota. Těla, duše, mysli.

Jóga není soutěž, všichni jsme si rovni. Jóga je životní cesta. A já tou cestou kráčím...



I went to my first yoga class back in 2015 in Canada, simply just because I had nothing else to do and I was hoping to meet some new friends. I would never...

kš_foto na výšku.jpg


S jógou jsem se poprvé setkala v roce 2014, kdy jsem začala chodit na otevřené lekce do studia. O józe jsem tehdy nevěděla vůbec nic a na začátku...

yoga mija praha 10 vinohrdy vrsovice joga kristyna

Kristyna N.

Many years ago, while living in the US and after an injury, yoga was the only option of movement I had at the time. I met an awesome teacher and my yoga...


Linda D.

I discovered yoga some 15 years ago in André van Lysebeth´s books. All the asanas (that I secretly tried at home) caught my attention as well as...

foto peta.jpeg


Fitness trainer for 8 years, I was first looking for compensation workout, and this was when yoga came into my way. First, I enjoyed the stretch and...

foto Katka.jpg

Katka K

O jógu jsem se začala zajímat před 8 lety, kdy mě její kouzlo učarovalo. Rozhodla jsem se, že bych se józe chtěla věnovat i jako lektorka...

yoga mija praha 10 vinohrdy vrsovice joga stepanka


Jsem porodní asistentka,

instruktorka jógy, milovnice pohybu. K józe jsem se dostala skrze tanec. Když jsem začala...

ivča 1.jpg


Postupně jsem podlehla kouzlu ashtanga jógy již před několika lety. To, co jsem dříve brala jen jako volnočasovou aktivitu a způsob, jak hezky rozhýbat tělo...